Monday AM Thoughts


Ah yes, another installment of Monday AM Thoughts. Check it out.

-First off, I overslept today. Huge milestone for me. Never happens. Yes, I'm one of those people that hear the alarm(if I even make it that far), and hop up. I cant help it, its just what I do.
-Moving on...We had a great morning yesterday at Crossroads. I love the freedom we have there. We had an extended time of worship in the second service, and I hear a ton of people saying that they love that freedom we have with that. Agendas are good, but man when God is moving in a room and among the people...I got news for you, agendas mean nothing.
-Set list is posted below. Check it out. David's new song is awesome. I really enjoyed playing it and learning it.
-Megan and I did some cleaning around the house this weekend. Its fun owning a house b/c your imagination can run wild with different things to fix up.
-Little fix ups can make a huge difference.
-Why are curtains so expensive? Weird.
-I'm going to try and cut out ice cream for a while. Its become addicting almost to me, and its not that good for me. So once my last half-gallon is gone from the more for a while.
-I love having Saturday's with no agenda. I love going to different stores and things with Megan on Saturday's.
-I need a new header for my blog, I think I'm going to get Lauren(David's Wife) to design something for me. You should too. Email her.
-I was walking the dog yesterday and there were some grandkids over at our neighbors house. They were playing in the yard. One of the little boys looked over and said really loud, "Oh my gosh, look at the snow doggy!" That was classic.
-I sold a pedalboard last night. Awesome.
-Yes, I will have a yard sale this Spring.
-I cant think of anything else at the moment.

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Brandon, we would LOVE that!! Zach and my spring break starts this Friday! We have the whole stinking week...let's do it one of those nights!!