Monday, Monday.....Monday


-Had a great morning yesterday at Metamorphosis.
-Cant wait to play at Crossroads again either. I really enjoy right now in my life having the flexibility to play at different churches on Sunday's and Wednesday's.
-Giants won, I'm glad. I'll share some funny stuff I read later today in a post.
-Does Bill Bellicheck(or however you spell his last name) have a heart? I mean seriously.
-I twittered this earlier, but a policeman pulled out in front of me on my way to work, and I absolutely blew my horn for what seemed like forever...and it felt so good b/c there was nothing he could do. He actually sped away(probably going at least 60 in a 40) almost like he didnt want me to see him since he knew he messed up. poor baby.
-We are taking our dog to the groomer today. Huskey's shed like crazy. They tell us they do this special treatment that will help get all the loose hairs out. Bring it on. I dont care how much it cost. If it works, big IF, then I will hug the groomer.
-If you have a dog that sheds, a bagless vacuum is the way to go. We vacuum everyday, and its so nice just to pull the container out and dump it in the trash.
-It was so nice outside yesterday. Megan, Maya(dog), and I sat outside yesterday and just read and stuff. Good times at the new house.
-I did get another tattoo this weekend. I'll post about it later. My arm is definitely red and swollen. I think it turned out really well.
-Got some good hang out time with my mom this weekend. We went to visit my great-grandmother, then went for some starbucks. I introduced her to the Cafe Vanilla Frappucino. She's hooked. Starbucks can thank me.
-Its time to go to work.

**On another note, I wanted to send out my prayers and thoughts to the Ray family. They were like my second family when I was growing up. Matt(middle brother out of 3, and my age) and I would hang out all the time and were best friends from church and all. His dad, Jimmy, passed away unexpectedly this past weekend. My heart seriously broke as I read the email last night that gave me the news. In that instant, time stood still...the superbowl didnt matter, having material things didnt matter...what mattered was cherishing the things that are so dear to me like my wife and my family and my friends. Life is short. Praying for you Ray family.**

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