What's a blog for?


I cant answer that question for anyone but myself. The purpose of my blog is to share random stories from my life. Maybe some of those stories will make you laugh, who knows...maybe some will make you cry. Maybe some of the stories/thoughts I share are insightful in some way. This is a place for me to come and type what is on my heart. Sometimes what comes out is silly and stupid...but who cares. One thing I want my blog to be though is Honest. I dont want to hide behind some mask. When people come here I want them to know me. I'm not a perfect person. I fall down a lot. I mess up a bunch. I want people to see that side of me too. I get angry at times just like everyone else. I get sad sometimes. I have bad days just like you do. I want this blog to be about honesty.

Just so you know.

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