Church Marketing Doesn't Have to Stink


That is the title of a post from my good friend, Jay Hardwick, yesterday on his blog. Jay and his family live in the outskirts of Columbia, and experienced a tornado on Saturday that left many homes in his surrounding area damaged. He wrote a post concerning a local church that came to give out promotional material for the church's easter program...all while bypassing the devastation that had just happened around Jay's neighborhood. Check this post out by Jay.


As I finished up some work at home yesterday afternoon and the girls were watching their one afternoon show, there was a knock on the front door. This is unusual...normally when people come to our house, they come to the door in the carport. Clearly, this was a "first-timer."

I opened the door and there stands a man in a suit that parked his black SUV in between our house and our neighbor's so his friend, who was also wearing a suit, could visit them. I knew without him saying a word what he was here to do...

He tells me what church he is from, hands me a flyer inviting me to their Easter show, and then his last line sealed it...

"We're handing out these flyers because it's what Jesus wants us to do and we think He wants you to come to our program."
So Jesus called you to ignore the piles of rubble that people used to call homes while you invite them to your Easter show? I'm having a hard time with that one...a really hard time with that one. Did he give the same speech at every visit? I can't imagine that going over very well.

It would have been a thousand times better if he would have at least asked if we were okay...or at least acknowledged what happened less than 48 hours before his visit. Granted, our house is fine and we are fine...but a few houses down is a different story.

The most angering and saddening part of it all for me is that this only cements what so many think about Jesus: He only cares about heaven and hell and couldn't care less about every day life. That perception wasn't formed in a was formed out of experiences like I had yesterday.

I bet if that church sent teams of people into the hardest hit neighborhoods to help collect belongings, clear debris, cook meals, provide gift cards for groceries, and provide ears to listen and shoulders to cry on, they wouldn't have enough seats for their Easter show. And the best part of it all...the people who were served would have already seen Jesus in action and the show would fill in the blanks.

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