Good Times


A couple weeks ago we had my parents, as well as Megan's mom over for dinner. Oh yea, and Thomas too. We grilled steaks, chicken, and it was a great time of fun and fellowship. My wife, who is an excellent cook by the way, made an incredible apple pie(see picture below) as well as some Heath bar cookies. Both of which look like they belong in a magazine or something. They tasted amazing.

If you recall a post from earlier this week, I said I was on the hunt for a Nintendo 64. Well, we have one. Turns out, Megan had one at her house...we just needed some extra cables/controllers. So my brother and his girlfriend came over for dinner last night and we ate and then played some Diddy Kong. We wanted Mario Kart, but it turns out we couldn't find it. It was a great time for sure. Then we all loaded up and went to Baskin Robbins, which has the most ridiculous prices I've ever seen in my life. I thought Starbucks was high. Gese.

Anyways, Ive posted some pics below that captured some of our fun.

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