Sorry folks, there hasnt really been much to blog about in the past couple days. I've been doing some work around the house trying to tidy things up a bit, as well as enjoying some great weather. I love being outside. I'd much rather be outside accomplishing something or just for fun than sitting inside staring at my TV or Computer. But thats just me. I think I get that from my Grandfather. He and I(is that the correct way to say that?) have much in common it seems. Anyways, thats what I've been doing the past week or so. I've got a good friend coming over today to take a look at some things around the house and see what he thinks about some ideas I may have.

Oh yea, I know I shouldnt admit this...but I'm falling in love with the show Flip This House on TLC. Thats one thing I'd like to do one day is flip a house. Anyone want to get in on that with me?

We had practice last night @ Crossroads. Real excited about the set this Sunday. Should be a lot of fun. You should come hang out with us if you're in town. Check it out.

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these silly TLC shows have admittedly become a guilty pleasure of mine lately as well... perhaps we should start a support group.

yeah dude, i'd love to see you at the sal show. my cds are actually back now in hand, and i'm 'officially' releasing them next weekend online and at elevation. i'll put the word out on where to get one. thanks for asking man. that means a lot.