It is Tuesday, its raining outside...and for some reason there isnt too much going on right now. I do know that I had a great meeting with this guy yesterday. He is a church planter looking to potentially launch something here in Simpsonville. Incredibly nice guy with a ton of vision and passion to see revival in the city of Greenville. It was refreshing to hear Travis's heart.

Oh yea, here is something. I've been on search for a Nintendo 64. Reason? Because I'm wanting to play Mario Kart. In fact, my brother and his girlfriend Sarah, as well as myself and Megan have been craving some Mario Kart. I have the N64 system, two controllers. I now need the cable that goes from the N64 to the TV, as well as two more controllers and the Mario Kart game. Check back for updates. Are there any other Mario Kart lovers out there? You know you like it.

Have a great day.

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