Monday AM Thoughts


-slow blogging weekend, its a good thing. i needed a break from the computer.
-i also wanted my last two posts to be read by as many people as possible. crazy story.
-if you havent read it, you need to. i tried to just tell the story like it happened.
-had a great time hanging out with the in-laws this weekend in NC. good times.
-went to the county wide flea market in NC on Saturday, ended up buying pretty much a brand new recliner(we had been looking for one) for crazy cheap. it even came with a built in massage thingy. i like it. alot.
-for some reason, i enjoy going grocery shopping with my wife, especially when we go to Whole Foods. Thats a cool store.
-Im cutting out ice cream. For the past year, I've been consuming way too much ice cream. No more for a while. Or at least if I do get some, it will be in moderation...not a lot.
-Megan and I went with some friends to see "Vantage Point" on Friday night. It was ok. I'd wait for the DVD to come out if I were you.
-Why does it cost almost $10 a person to see a movie? It doesnt make sense to me.
-I'm ready for Spring.
-Really enjoyed Crossroads this morning. Im loving the series on The Kingdom. I'm really learning a ton and being stretched.
-I like playing electric guitar. Its a lot of fun.
-I've been studying Photoshop like crazy. I will have a post coming soon about my new camera. Its so much fun.
-There are some new possibilites as far as leading worship on the horizon. I really want what the Lord has for me.
-It is Monday, and I like it. New week, fresh start.

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