Monday AM Thoughts


Lists are my favorite thing right now, its the cool thing to do. Right Wes?
Oh yea, Happy Birthday to Wes Johnson...belated of course.

-Church was great on Sunday. Went to Crossroads. I didn't play in the band, so it was great to sit with my wife. Crossroads wrapped up the last message in The Kingdom series. Incredible series, life altering series.
-I'm being amazed right now in my life at Gods timing. Its always so...perfect.
-Had a great time Friday night hanging out with Travis and his fiance Kristin at Longhorn Steakhouse.
-I'm a big Travis Holmes fan. The dude is filled with passion and a vision...not one or the other. Both.
-How about them Tarheels? Loved it.
-Went to the Gun show on Saturday. No, no...the real gun show, as in "bang, bang" kind of gun show, not flex my arms at the beach kind of gun show. Just clearing that up.
-Yes, I did buy a couple things...
-Ok, a few things.
-One of which I may post about at some point this week.
-I ordered online last week a concealed gun holster that I can wear when I'm running. So if you see me running in a neighborhood near you, don't sneak up on me haha.
-Megan and I adopted a dog this weekend. He was on sale at the Humane Society. He is awesome. His name is Max. See pics below.
-Speaking of my wife, and I dont say this enough on this site..but she is awesome and I couldnt ask for a better partner to do life with. She is so supportive and loves me unconditionally. I love you Megan.
-Yesterday was so beautiful outside. Cant wait for Spring.
-Thanks for reading my blog.

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