Monday AM Thoughts


-First off, I'm praying really BIG today for a possible location for Thrive Church, a new church plant in Simpsonville.
-Its amazing how God opened the door for this location. We rode by it on Friday night, saw a janitor working, and she let us in...and it was perfect. We got to pray on the stage and so we'll see what God has for us with this.
-Megans mom was in town on Saturday. She is so cool. I like hanging out with Megan's family.
-Our new dog is awesome. Still havent decided yet, Thomas. haha.
-Spent a lot of time learning Photoshop and just playing around in it. It can get confusing, but I'm learning some things. I'll post some pics I've worked on later today.
-I love Target.
-I love Whole Foods.
-Yes, I just admitted those two things...
-My good friend David Walker rocked out my favorite Phil Wickham song yesterday @ CRCC, called True Love.
-Anybody bought any good music lately? Let me know. I'm in need of some new stuff.
-I bought a Wii last week. I got a steal on it. Trust me when I say steal. I would not have bought it otherwise. I'll post on that too later on.
-I cant wait for Spring.

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