Monday AM Thoughts


Sitting here drinking coffee from World Market. It is very, shall I say...delightful. Trying to think over my weekend. It was a busy one for sure. But a good one.

-Went to Rome, GA on Friday after work to visit Megan's grandparents, as well as many other family members that were there.
-Played Halo 3 for the first time. Actually me, Megan's brother, and Megan's uncle stayed up pretty late playing.
-I actually really liked it, and like the Xbox 360.
-Got home to witness our dog Max picking up and eating one of my guitar pics. He's "gone to the bathroom" a few times since then...I guess I'll go look for it when I get home today. Or maybe I'll just go get another one for $.25
-UNC is in the final four...tough matchup against Kansas though. I'm predicting a UNC vs. Memphis final.
-Played electric @ CRCC yesterday. Its a lot of fun. Tele through Fulldrive 2 through Vox AC30...nice tone.
-Probably about to get some in-ear molds made. Then thinking about going with Livewires. Its just a good investment for a musician.
-I got a kick out of a comment my friend Philip left on a blog this weekend regarding twitter. I'll quote him.."when i see people have "twittered" it automatically makes me think of a middle school girl texting her friend to let her know what pointless activity she is doing or about to do. who cares?! don't do it man, as your brother-in-law, i am begging you not to do it!"
-Why do people not respond to emails?
-Why am I so bad at calling people back?
-Megan and I ordered some books off of Amazon. Looking forward to seeing that box come in the mail.
-Also bought the new Starfield album. First time I bought an album using my iphone. Cool.
-Went to the gym last night. More on this later.

I need more coffee.

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