Jon Foreman


Just like my good friend Stephen posted yesterday, Jon Foreman's new EP is available entitled Spring. Go pick it up. Its great.

I've been really impressed with Jon Foreman recently. I dont know much about him, but I've seen how he loves to just hang out with his "fans" after Switchfoot concerts and all. I just really admire that. I"ve seen videos of him standing outside playing some music on an acoustic guitar and just getting to know people that came to the show, I've seen him hanging out at local coffee shops after a show just to play a few songs acoustic. I dont know, I just think thats a really cool thing, and something that definitely makes me respect him a ton more.

So, recently I've picked up these two cds...
Starfield - I will go
Jon Foreman - Spring EP

Still have a few more I'd like to get, but we'll see.

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YAH! Jon's ep's are amazing!