Monday AM Thoughts


First and foremost, my apologies for not blogging for all of you that come here often. Which, according to sitemeter, is like 4500 people a day. Ok, not true. I've really sucked at blogging recently. The funny thing is, there is a ton going on..but its more of things going on inside my head that I'm having trouble getting out. My mind has been so jumbled recently, so many thoughts about so many things(life, church(THE church by the way, not a church), career, etc). Maybe I can start trying to get some of that out and put it down in my journal, then onto here for the world to see. For now, I'll roll with my weekly installment of Monday AM Thoughts. Clever name, eh?

-Yesterday was so great at Crossroads. I needed to hear that message by Steve on The Holy Spirit, and David led an amazing time of worship.
-David played a new song to open up the service, incredible song...
-It rained Friday night and Saturday. We needed the rain.
-My new grass seed that I planted needed the rain.
-I have neighbors telling me they'll let me borrow their lawn mower. They must be hinting at something. =) Oh the joy of elderly neighbors.
-I installed two new windows in our house. Our house was built in the 50's, and so the house has the old single pane style windows...basically you hold you hand up to them and feel the draft of air coming through.
-I think I did a good job on the windows. I was proud of myself I'm not gonna lie.
-I also did some painting around the house. I'm amazed at how touching up things with paint makes it look so much better.
-I do in fact love going to Lowes, especially with my wife.
-I think that I should be the President.
-Yes, of the United States.
-I'm trying to sell my PS2 with a ton of games, controllers, all the extras...anyone interested?
-Went to Marble Slab last night...after a year of waiting, they have my favorite ice cream back...Banana. Yes.
-I'm all out of things to say.

Much blogging to come this week.

I think.

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