Monday AM Thoughts


Its Monday, I'm drinking the "new brew" from Starbucks. It is delightful.

-The last two weeks at Crossroads have been great. Studying the Holy Spirit. I'm excited to get to lead @ Crossroads this week.
-I dont think my Livewires(in ear monitors) will be in by this week, which stinks. Cant wait to try them out.
-If you havent already, you need to buy Chris Brown's new cd, Starbore. Amazing. Chris is an incredible songwriter with an amazing voice. Buy it on itunes.
-I ended up rewiring our bathroom this weekend. It was kind of fun. The attic part wasnt fun. Nice and toasty up there, full of insulation. Yea.
-Will the weather please make up its mind?
-Does the weather have a mind?
-I think this is the first time in years that I didnt care at all about the Masters. I dont know.
-I hate pollen.
-Our yard is looking crazy awesome right now. The funny thing is, its not b/c of us. Its all stuff thats been planted in the past.
-I bought a really cool firepit that was on clearance. Looking forward to having some great conversations around the fire this Spring with friends that come over.
-Jake, Ryan, Casey...I'm praying for you guys, as well as Catalyst Church as a whole.

Comments (3)

thanks for the prayers bro!

Hey thanks for the love man. much appreciated. looking forward to hooking up when you guys come up this way.

thanks, brandon. really appreciate your prayers.