Monday AM Thoughts

0 sorry for the lack of blogging. Im sure you have missed me like crazy. Probably not. What a weekend, filled with a ton of different emotions and a lot of activities. Heres a recap.

-I get a call around 11:00 AM on Friday. Megan tells me our Siberian Husky got out of her collar and is no where to be found.
-I left work(we werent too busy) and went on a two hour search.
-Called Animal Control around 230, they had just picked her up.
-Friday was also my wife's birthday. The big two-one.
-I had a surprise for Megan for her birthday. I took her to see Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood in Charlotte.
-I dont like country music, but I can stand some Keith Urban. The dude puts on a great concert.
-Had some weird car problems in Megans camry. More on this later today.
-Had a new camry the next morning. More on this later today.
-Drunk people at a country music concert are GREAT entertainment. I laughed a lot.
-Megan's parents came in town on Saturday. Loved having them over and spending time with them.
-I'm glad they were able to spend the night and come to Crossroads on Sunday.
-I led at Crossroads. The service I thought went really well. Steve's message was great. This series on The Holy Spirit has been so great for me in this season.
-I sold my POD XT Live yesterday. Feels good to have a little extra cash for sure.
-The guy that bought it paid me in all $5's and $1's. is money I guess.
-I love my yard. And our house. I'll try to get some pics up to show the outside. We've got things blooming everywhere.
-The new Starbucks brew, Pikes Place, is great.
-Im out.

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