Sorry I havent blogged in forever. Life has been busy and has left me little time to blog. I guess to be honest its been nice though. A good change of pace. I've been attempting to start my own lawn care business, since no churches seem to want to hire me. just kidding. I love being outside and I love working in the yard. Some people dont, I do. If you know me, you know that I've worked at a chemical plant for a few years now...while it has been a good job that I've learned a ton from, I want to move on and do something I love to do. So, for a shameless plug, if you know of anyone that is looking for lawn care of any sort feel free to give them my contact info. I just landed two commercial jobs that I'm real excited about and have acquired several residential homes.

Megan and I went to visit her Uncle last week. He planted a church not too long ago and it was so cool getting to visit them and be able to lead worship on Sunday. They live in Ohio, and I loved it up there. Never have I been around a group of people so real. They dont put on this mask or try to be someone they are not. I dont know..it was refreshing. Maybe more on that later.

My prayer for today:
Lord make me real. I dont want to be someone I'm not. I dont want to hide behind a mask. I just want to be me.

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welcome back!

I know what you mean about taking off the mask. Any time I have outside of the Bible belt I feel this overwhelming sense of authenticity... refreshing, yet I'm sure it is much harder to get a worship gig in Ohio...this is where knowing God's call for you comes in

I know someone who want's to hire you. Let's talk!

"Uncle Paul"