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Had a great vacation last week with Megan's family in Charleston. I love Charleston. It was a fun time of relaxing and getting away from life in Greenville. Thanks to all for the music suggestions. I bought a few things off itunes before we left and enjoyed them all.

Lets see...oh yea...I saw an alligator while playing golf which was cool. Megan's brother Andrew and I were looking for his ball near the water and I just happened to look up and saw the dang alligator just sitting there with its mouth wide open. It blended in so well, it looked like a dang log. So, needless to say we had to take a picture and see if we could get it to move or something. So we strategically parked the golf cart facing our escape route. At first, since his mouth was open we tried to throw an extra golf ball in its mouth. We missed. His mouth was still open. Then we tried to give him some peanut butter crackers. He wasnt hungry. We finally realized that we were playing golf and needed to proceed, so we did. It was fun though.

This pic was taken when we first saw the alligator, you can see the mouth open. We drove in front of it after this, and thats when we tried to test our accuracy.

wicky wicky

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