I dont really even know that anyone reads this blog anymore. But I'll post anyways. This week is going to be really busy b/c Megan and I are going on vacation next week. This means that I have to take care of all of my yards that I service this week as well as work my normal 40 hour a week job that I have. All of which are outdoors haha. Oh well.

I'm looking forward to hopefully being refreshed next week on vacation. Ive always tried to pride myself on working hard. I'm not really the smartest person out there, but I'll out work about anybody you put next to me. However, while this may be a good thing...I believe it can also be a bad thing...b/c it begins to become almost like an addiction...and you just feel like you have to be working all the time. Even when someone tells you to slow down, you cant. And it can quickly drive you into the ground. This is kind of how I feel right now. As weird as it sounds I guess. I'm really going to try and relax next week and just enjoy my down time and not worry about what I have to do when I get home the following week. I want to read, journal, write music, spend quality time with my wife/family, eat ice cream and have fun.

I also need this vacation to really think about some opportunities that have come up in my life, decisions that need to be made...HUGE, I need God to give me clarity and wisdom type of decisions. I'll post some details as they fall into place.

hope everyone that stumbles on this blog has a great day.
encourage someone today.


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dude, you know i read it...when you freaking write something!

hey man - have a great vacation dude. i hear you on busyness... we all need a break every once in a while. enjoy it!

hey bro,

good luck with everything! i will be praying for you!


I will be praying for you and your time next week. Receive God's rest and enjoy it!