Look what I found


This happens to be one of the most deadliest snakes on this side of the United States. One bite from this little creature will send a grown man to his knees within minutes. It is vital to get proper medical attention if one were bitten by this reptile. I came across this venomous snake last night while doing some lawn care for a lady. In fact, I was dangerously close to it when I discovered it. It blended in so perfectly with the leaves, and when I reached down I saw something slither right beside my hands. Its safe to say someone was watching out for me last night. I immediately grabbed my garden tool, appropriately named a hoe?, and chopped at this scary snake. I didnt want to take my chances. I snapped a pic with the trusty iphone. Check it out.

Actually, I was kidding...it was just a little garden type snake. Probably harmless as could be. I still killed it.


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you caught me with this one...nice.

Are we on for Ridgeview on the 29th?