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My last post I talked about going on vacation next week. A few things are essential for a vacation, especially when you're at the beach...books, journal, crocodile dundee hat, arturo fuentez, dr. pepper, etc...

But one must have a tasteful music selection, this is crucial. This is where you come in.

You have $30 to spend on music at itunes. What do you get today?

Two Rules:
1) No country music
2) No Jack Johnson
They both give me severe migraines.


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ok...i'll see if i can help...

jason mraz's new cd "we sing, we dance, we steal things" is great. i was ready to not get it, but its very different than his other stuff. very beachy.
anything amos lee is great chill stuff..."supply and demand" is great.
colbie callait's cd is actually pretty stinkin awesome too. great summer cd
augustana's new cd is another great summer cd. its almost on my all time favorites list already.
matt nathanson - some mad hope. incredible

i have many more in my secret bag of songs. if you'd like, i can drive down a couple of days with my guitar and sit on the beach and just play some songs for you'd never know i was there.

"letters" by butch walker, "gold" by ryan adams, and "the story" by brandi carlile. i think these would all suit beach time pretty well.


and of course.. some Beach Boys CD you just never bought.

Hope it's enjoyable!

All I think you need is this CD called "Dialogue." It would be what I wanted to bring....Sup man?

haha...yea I wonder if it would float in the ocean?

dude, get over it country music is awesome

dude, just read your wife's blog. you are a woman. i am terribly disappointed with your "monday night tv watching choice." terribly disappointed. have i mentioned how upset i am? dude?!