My awesome wife


Just dropped Megan off at the Airport. She is heading up to Cincinnati to interview at the third best Children's hospital in the nation. It has been just another confirmation in this story of our move to Ohio. They basically called her and asked her if they could fly her up to the hospital for an interview. Amazing. Not only is my wife incredibly smart when it comes to studying and all, but she has a heart of a servant. She is the kind of nurse you want when you go to the hospital. Someone who will sit by your side when you're in so much pain from cancer, someone who will pray with you and comfort you. She loves people and taking care of people. Its not just a job that she has b/c it pays decent money...she has a heart for taking care of others. Thats what sets her apart.

Megan, if you read this...I'm praying for you.

Me and the Maya doggy miss you.

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you're so sweet - i love you!
-your awesome wife ... ;)