Hands and Feet


One thing I love about Rivers Crossing (the church that we're at in Ohio) is that they get what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Not saying we are perfect, but we are striving to reach the community for Christ. Our offices are located in a section of town that I would say is not the prettiest or nicest. There are a lot of lower class families and houses all around us. We have people coming in all the time asking for help. About a mile up the road from our offices there is in one direction a theme park called Kings Island. In another direction there are $300,000 houses and a PGA Tour Golf Course. Its crazy.

One thing we currently do as a church is offer a Free Store. Its called Joshua's Place. Basically if someone is in need of food, clothing, or anything...they can get it at this Free Store. They have to fill out an application, and the store is open every other week. Once they come, they receive a certain amount of points to spend at the Store, depending on the size of the family and all. When they are done with the store, every applicant sits down with a volunteer/counselor from our church and we listen to them and pray for them. We let the share with us whats going on in their life and how we can best pray for them. The cool thing about the Free Store is this...we dont give them leftovers. We dont give them things that you and I wouldnt want.

We are also seeing some of these really lower class of people attending our church which is just amazing and Im excited to see how the Lord continues to use Joshua's Place. It seems every week we have new families filling out "applications" for the free store and thats another opportunity we get to share Jesus with them.

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You make me proud. :)

And on a less important note...I like your new background color. MUCH easier to read.

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