Monday Morning Thoughts


-Had a great Sunday at Rivers Crossing yesterday. It was kind of our "1 year celebration" if you will.
- We saw record attendance of 375. Really cool. God is up to some crazy cool things in this city.
-We're seeing a ton of new faces every week which is great.
-Im amazed at how much energy we've had the past couple weeks during our worship times.
-Lets see...Hurricane Ike, or what was left, gave us some crazy winds yesterday ranging from like 35-75 mph. No rain, just high wind all day. Trees are down all over, power was out for a while at our house yesterday, and power is still out for over 500,000 people around the city.
-Speaking of the Hurricane, Im keeping those who have been affected in my thoughts. I know thats just got to be a tough situation.
-Not to sound rude or anything, but I really dont feel sorry for the people that decided to go against the police and stay for the Hurricane. In fact, I think its funny that now they are crying out for help. Hmm...
-Starbucks coffee is so good right now.
-Im starting to look at a couple acoustic guitars. Might purchase one down the road. Im looking at a Larrivee L-09 Custom Sunburst guitar. I really enjoy my Larrivee now, and their guitars are shooting up in price so I'd like to get one before they jump up too high.
-I've really had great luck selling things on Craigslist. So much so that a guy that goes to our church wants me to sell a ton of things he has at his house, while earning a percent of the profit. That should be fun.
-Played NCAA09 on Xbox360 last night with the pastor of Rivers Crossing...Really fun game. I lost.


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i love my larrivee om-03...small body, BIG sound.

go BENGALS!! haha.