Pistol Range


While I love working at the church, there are days when its fun to get away from the office and relieve some stress. There are many things I enjoy to do away from the office. One of which is to go shoot guns. I just love doing it for some reason. So, Mike and I are heading to the indoor pistol range here in a little while. Im excited. I've never shot one of the guns I have so I'm looking forward to it. I guess I need have all the fun I can before Obama takes it all away.

Here are the guns I own and will be shooting today.
1) Kel Tec .380 - I like this gun b/c its the size of my iphone. Seriously, its super small. I let my wife carry this one sometimes in her glove compartment. The bullet is a little bit smaller than a 9mm bullet.

2) The first gun I ever bought. A Taurus 9mm Millenium Pro. Great gun.

3) Smith and Wesson .40. This gun used to be a police gun. When they get new issues, they sell there old models. This gun doesnt have a scratch on it and I got an incredible deal on it. It shoots so smooth.

4) My newest addition is a Kimber .45 Compact Pro II. I got this from a guy here at church. I've never fired this one. This gun will be my conceal carry weapon. Its one of those guns that will put someone on their butt very quickly IF I need it to. Kimber's are what LAPD uses and Swat, and I've heard recently that the military uses them as well. Cant wait to try it out today.

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