Setlists and Snow.


It is no secret, I love Mondays. I dont know why, but I always have. I love my job too, and on Sunday afternoons I look forward to the following Sunday, b/c I love what I get to do. Its so great to be a part of Rivers Crossing. We got to celebrate with Baptism yesterday and it was crazy. It was a party. As it should be.

This morning I woke up...went downstairs for a bowl of Trix and noticed it was snowing outsdie. Amazing. In fact, as I sit here at 3pm, it is still snowing. It isnt cold enough to "stick" or anything...but its still great to look at.

This week is going to prove to be a super busy week. My schedule is completely slammed. But I get to go back to SC for a couple of days to handle some business, and stay with the that should be fun.

Setlist from 11/16 @ RC3
Walk this World - Charlie Hall
Everlasting God - Brenton Brown
How He Loves (w/ Baptisms) - John Mark Mcmillan
Lead me to the Cross - Brooke Fraser

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