Thanksgiving weekend and Sunday @ RC3


Megan and I have been having a great time seeing our families this weekend. Its the first time we've been back home since moving to Ohio in August. So its been great catching up, eating a ton of food, watching football, playing games...good times for sure. Gosh I've eaten way too much food. Definitely need to hit up the gym sometime soon.

Today was the first Sunday I've had off at Rivers Crossing since I've been there. It was great to have the day off, but I definitely missed being there. I heard that it was an incredible day there, which is awesome. My team is incredible too. Im very lucky to get to play with not only great musicians but great people. I had my good friend Mike lead today, and I cant wait to meet with him to hear how the Lord moved and used the songs today.

So...tomorrow we head back up to Ohio. I hear there is snow that awaits us. Maybe.

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Don't get your hopes up about that snow man... But I'm ready for it.