At the coffee shop...


So Im sitting here this morning in a local coffee shop. I love the atmosphere. Coffee is pretty decent. Free wi-fi too. I also just left the dentist office. The funny...ok actually its not funny at all...thing is Im still paying my dental bill from when I went last summer back in SC. I guess I'll start flossing now.

Besides all that, a lot of really amazing things have been happening here in Ohio. I will not share it all in one post, in hopes to generate more posts. To give you an idea though...Megan and I bought a home here in the area. We love it. No, I mean love it. We wanted to start creating community, and I think we are on to something. We've already began meeting our neighbors. One of which came over last weekend smoking a really nice smelling cigar. We immediately hit it off and began talking about how when the weather gets warmer, we'll have to hang out on the deck and smoke cigars have some good conversation. Turns out we even order our cigars from the same place online. Thats right, online. Then we had some more neighbors come up and introduce themselves. This is exactly why we chose to move into a neighborhood. We want to begin investing in people's lives, whether they tangibly realize it or not. So, needless to say we are excited.

God is also doing incredible things at Rivers Crossing. Things that I will not attempt to describe in just the next two sentences on this blog. I do not think there has been a week since the beginning of the year where people have not crossed the line of faith. We had an incredible time of celebration last week as people were baptized, and then rejoiced when over ten more people gave their lives to Christ at the end of the service. So...look for a post really soon to tell you more about what's up at RC3 (short way to say Rivers Crossing Community Church).

Have a great day. More posts are coming very soon.

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