Set List 2/15 at Rivers Crossing


You Found Me - The Fray
Faithful - Alex Nifong (Guitarist in Kristian Stanfill's band)
Everlasting God - Brenton Brown
Solution - Hillsong United

My Brightness - Charlie Hall

So..a few things about the set. Thanks to the kind folks at Elevation Church we were able to have an awesome video backing to You Found Me, The Fray's new song. It worked out perfect. And little did I know that the video they were so nice to let us use fit in really well with our service as a whole, including the message. Its cool how God works through those little things that we dont even realize sometimes. Thanks again Wes for the video.

Solution was really fun. It was the first time ever that I led without the guitar. It was a cool change of pace. It felt a little awkward at first since Im so used to having the guitar, but I just let go and went for it and I think the Lord used the song. Its definitely a fun song to play.

My Brightness is one of many incredible songs on Charlie Hall's latest album. Check it out. I did this one just acoustic, and it was really fun. Cool rhythm to it, as well as great lyrics.

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thanks for letting us know the set list - helps me obsess over the songs much easier!