Set List 2/22 at Rivers Crossing


Man, this past Sunday was great. We started a new series called RESET. Basically a series leading up to Easter to where we ask people to completely Reset there opinions on Jesus. Anyways, its a great series. We wanted to do some different elements with this series. Most of things were going to push us, but in a very good way. We worked really hard last week to get these sets made and run all the necessary errands, and then set them up on Sunday morning before the service started. Needless to say, we couldnt do anything without the incredible volunteers that we have. So awesome! Anyways, I'll include a few pics from the service. None have been really edited yet but you'll get the idea.

Set List
Let God Arise - Tomlin
Taste and See - Brian and Jenn Johnson
The Stand - Hillsong United

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Yo, you and the rest of the RC3 staff, (read: Paul Taylor) need to start giving me create for my pictures... I need to get my name out there some how!

You're not helping by not crediting me! And I'm serious ;)