A new yard


So, I enjoy yard work. I know Im in the minority. Maybe I get it from my Grandfather, or my mom (his daughter). Anyways, one sucky thing about buying a new house is the yard they "give" you. They do the bare minimum and leave the rest up to you. The soil is pretty much clay, and sort of rocky. I've asked around and done some research and what Im doing is basically laying top soil over the entire yard. Then I will seed, fertilize, and lay straw over it for protection from the wind. Then, we'll see what happens. The seed should take off in the top soil as opposed to just spreading the seed on top of the clay.

Yesterday I had 25 tons of top soil delivered. I'd love to know what my neighbors think. After looking at this picture, it really doesnt do the pile of dirt justice. I've already covered most of my front yard, and will probably hire someone who drives a bobcat to come and move the rest to my back yard. I didnt realize how tiring this would be and absolutely kills my back. Its rewarding though. Nothing ever comes easy.

Hopefully I can put some photos up in a month or two with some grass growing. We'll see.

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