Sunday in Review


So, this weekend Megan and I made the trip down to NC (where Megan's family lives). We had a great time hanging out with her family. Today we left early from her house and headed down to Greenville, SC. I wanted to check out Newspring Greenville. I know a lot of friends that go there. It was kind of crazy to think that a couple years ago I used to go to the Bi-Lo that Newspring bought, gutted, and turned into a state of the art facility. They really did a great job with the building.

It was cool to visit Newspring Greenville. I love checking out different churches that "get it" and do a great job at reaching people. So, here are my thoughts. And I realize that they dont mean much, but its just a way to explain my experience at Newspring. First off, the rain was absolutely coming down. So we get out of our car and hear comes a really nice lady with a huge umbrella for us. Great first impression. Walking into the building was great. Just a great atmosphere. Nice, big atrium. Couches, TV's, coffee, information. Then they opened up the doors to the auditorium and we flooded in. We got seated on the second row from the front. Pretty cool. Once the five minute countdown started the music got turned up. I like this. It tells people inside and outside the auditorium that the countdown has begun. Band comes out at the end of the countdown. They open up the service with "A Thing Called Love". Dude, it rocked. Whoever that dude was that was singing was great. He nailed the very high notes (falsetto) in that song. Very, very impressive. The band absolutely rocked. What I loved was that the sound was very clear and very loud, but it wasnt over bearing. I thought it was nicely mixed. My one negative concerning the music, and I understand Im not a music scholar by any means...but the worship leader was not what I would have expected at Newspring. His stage presence was pretty awful. Just looked really uncomfortable and out of place. Im in no way questioning the dudes heart or anything, just stating what I observed. Anyways, the music was great. Then a really, a huge screen came down to satellite Perry's message. Perry was incredible today. Such a great ending message for their marriage series. The service ended with Perry asking all the married couples to come forward, give the ladies a rose, and renew their vows. Pretty cool stuff. Overall, it was a great experience and I feel that Newspring Greenville will be used by the Lord to reach thousands for Christ.

Now Im sitting in my parents living room, with a fire going, and its funny to say this but we are snowed in here in Greenville, SC. Hmm...

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