Sunday Recap at Rivers Crossing


Yesterday we kicked off our Marriage Series, titled We Want a New Marriage. We invested quite a bit into the marketing for this series, mainly because we believe (and the statistics show) that marriages are failing all around us, but that it doesnt have to be this way. One of our strategies was to make it known to all people that if they attended all 5 weeks of this series, they would receive a free date night on us. A nice restaurant and free childcare, just for coming to church for 5 weeks. Yes, this will cost money and will be an investment. However, it was very evident yesterday that people are hungry to know more about what God has to say about marriage (this series is not only for the married, but for the singles and the divorced as well).

We had record attendance at Rivers Crossing on Easter 2009. One week later, which was yesterday, we broke that record. We had over 100 first time guests with us at Rivers Crossing, with over 90% of them saying they would be back. This is incredible.

It was obvious from the get go yesterday that the enemy was going to try everything to distract us and to get under our skin. With volunteers being late and pushing us back on time a little, as well as our projector going out on us during run through along with several other little things that didnt go quite as planned. I can get really spiritual here and say that we just pressed on as if nothing happened, however, if you've ever been involved in church planting you know that this is not the norm way of responding when these situations come up haha. As must as we want it to be, when we are pressed against time and everything is going wrong, its natural to get stressed and tense. But I say all that to say this...the enemy tried, the enemy failed horribly yesterday. Despite distractions and technical difficulties, the Lord still showed up in Power and began a work in people's lives.

I personally believe that during this series not only are we going to see record attendance (which, by the way, number DO matter to God), but more importantly we are going to see more people saved and baptized than ever before at Rivers Crossing. All of this for the Glory of God. Amen?

Set List
Better than I know - David Walker
Marvelous Light - Charlie Hall
Everlasting God - Brown
Love Story - Taylor Swift
Your Love Never Fails - Jesus Culture Music

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Hang in there Brandon - LOTS of tech stuff will go wrong when you guys are attacking the gates of Hell! I'm so proud of you!!! Steve Keyes