Set List 8/23 at Rivers Crossing


Today we concluded the Supernatural series at Rivers Crossing. This series was say the least. Today we talked about the topic of Singing as Warfare. Pastor Paul and our staff gave me an opportunity to speak yesterday, so Paul and I did sort of a tag team teaching thing. I thought it worked out well. We talked about the story in 2 Chronicles 20, with King Jehoshaphat and talked about Acts 16, with Paul and Silas in prison. Check out the podcast on our website or through itunes (

I've never seen our church sing and engage in worship more than yesterday. It was evident that the Spirit was moving freely in our midst and His presence was overwhelming. We had standing room only at our church yesterday. Literally we used up all the chairs we had and had folks standing along the back and side walls. We baptized 10 people yesterday, then had 2 more be baptized after the service. One of those 2 had accepted Christ that day, and she followed in obedience immediately. It was just incredible and really no amount of words on this blog will come close to explain what the Lord did yesterday. Just come and experience it for yourself.

Set List
Freedom is Here - United
Doxology - Um...
Revelation Song - Riddle
Glory to God, Forever - Fee and Beeching

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