Glorious 2011


I recorded an album back in 2004, called Dialogue.  I was thankful for the opportunity at the time and I do feel like it was a good representation of who I was then.  That album is still available and will be on itunes soon.  The Lord has put it on my heart more times than once over the last several years to record another album.  However, the timing was never right.  The Lord has been and is continuing to put recording another album on my heart.  He has given me a new love for songwriting, a refreshing love.  He's given me a heart for the local Church like I've never had before.  

In June 2010 I set out on the journey of recording a new album, with new sounds.  This was a great journey, however, in September 2010 a great door opened.  The guys at Elevation Church recommended a guy named Joel Khouri to me to help me achieve the sounds I was going for and now.....Im beyond excited at the opportunity that has been given to me.  In Feb. 2011 I'll be recording a full length album with the incredible Joel Khouri at Bright City Studios in Charlotte, NC.  Check out Bright City HERE!  I immediately connected with Joel the first time we talked on the phone.  The dude has an incredible heart for ministry and I absolutely cannot wait to work on this album with him at Bright City.  

So, in the Spring of 2011 I'll be releasing a fresh, new album with new songs for the local and Universal Church.  Im praying huge, audacious prayers for this album.  I want every word, every note played, every beat to be inspired by the Holy Spirit.  I want there to be prophetic words and songs on this album and Im asking that Jesus be glorified in every single step of this process.  I would covet your prayers as well.  

I know blogs are kind of "old fashioned" now, but Im going to try and continue updating you guys on the progress.  Im working on some song and gear tutorial videos right now that I'll be posting soon.  

I'll be in the Charlotte area for a couple weeks in February.  If by any chance you're looking for someone to come and lead at your church or ministry during that time...I'd love to be able to come help out.  Just shoot me an email.  

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Sounds like a great experience and we'll be waiting for the new music CD!

Brandon, this is exciting news! So good to see you using your gift for songwriting again. I'll be in France 2 weeks in Feb, but hope to get up to Charlotte to hang out a bit during the studio phase....

big luv,