Studio Update - Day One


I arrived in Charlotte last night.  Just in time for the "wonderful" halftime show.  Yea....

Today we began tracking for the new album.  Im was very stoked about how these songs turned out in our pre-production, so it was really cool to begin laying down the actual tracks.  We're really going to working hard over the next couple weeks on this album.  Today was a 12 hour day.  We knocked out drums and bass on a few songs. Jacob Arnold is playing drums on the album and he's just sick.  Amazing drummer, and a really cool guy.  He makes it look effortless and Im very excited that he's a part of this album.  Jon Duke is playing bass.  He is John Mark Mcmillan's bass player.  Again, this is the first time I've met either of these guys and I loved their enthusiasm and energy that they brought to the table (besides the obvious talent).

The dude that really is going to be responsible for this album sounding amazing is Joel Khouri.  He's producing this album and he's just an incredible person.  I definitely feel as though the Lord brought us together for this project.  Here is the thing...he gets the vision I have for this project and to me its priceless to be able to work with someone who gets that.  And he's super passionate about music and pursues excellence in his work.

Im pretty tired, but very excited about the rest of the week.  Peace.

Songs we worked on today included:
Psalm 63 (not the final name)
Psalm 104 (not the final name)

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