Studio Update - Day Three


Im still soaking in the fact that the day has actually come that we are tracking these songs.  This morning Im doing that soaking in Panera Bread with a wonderful cup of coffee.

Day 3 (Wednesday) was a great day as we completed tracking Drums and Bass for all the songs.  Jacob Arnold and Jon Duke really just nailed it and knocked it all out in three days.  The thing that really impressed me with these guys is how attentive to detail they were.  You see, I dont claim by any means to be some mega-worship leader who is known by the entire world, yet these guys brought it every time we hit the record button in Pro Tools.  If something wasn't right, they didnt settle...they kept going until it was right.  This really meant a lot to me.  I just really enjoyed working with Jacob and Jon and now I understand why musicians/worship leaders want these guys to be playing in their band.

I was really excited about today because my good friend, and the person I consider to be a mentor, David Walker came by the studio.  David really invested a lot into me the last couple years I was in Greenville...before we moved to Cincinnati.  And the things he taught me, as well as how he lead me by example...still stick with me even today.  We are also tracking a song that he wrote on the album called Oh the Blood...which Im super excited for you guys to hear.  If you are ever in need of having a band come lead worship for your youth or church or whatever, David needs to be the first guy you contact.  Trust me.  His music is anointed.

Lastly, I'll tell you about a Holy Spirit moment I had later in the day.  Joel Khouri, my producer, wanted to track some piano parts using their sick grand piano they had at the studio.  As he played on some of the slower songs, I honestly had to fight back tears (well, more like a mist) at this moment he was creating on the album.  I love rocking it out, I love cranking songs up and just going for it...but I also enjoy those moments where you can just sit, soak, think, worship....and the Lord allowed us to create some of those moments on this album.  I think you'll really enjoy these moments.  Its a time where you are allowed to sing your own song to the Lord, where we just play on the album, and you get that time to yourself with the Lord.

You'll see what I mean soon enough.

Love you guys and thanks so much for all the love and support you have shown.

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I can't wait to hear that ish, BG.