Studio Update - Day Two


Get Stoked.  The record is sounding really good and each day that passes I become more and more excited to share this music with you.  Today we really got moving with drums.  Jacob came in and was nails.  I think he did 5 songs total today which is great.  Right now Jon is here in the studio playing bass.  We are working on song called Strong Tower that Joel Khouri wrote.  Really digging this song and I think you guys will to.  

Again Im amazed at how epic this coffeemaker is here at Gat3Studios.  Its almost like an espresso machine but its not (at least I dont think so).  Its weird like that, but so awesome.

A couple of my prayers for this project:  The the Lord would be glorified in every aspect of this recording and that the Church would be encouraged, blessed, and ministered to through this project.  I definitely covet your prayers too.

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