Studio Update - Week 2


We began a new week today at the studio.  Today we tracked in the B Room at Gat3 Studios.  I really like this room.  We started tracking electric guitars.  Its really cool how these songs are beginning to come more and more alive with every piece we add.  Joel Willis is playing electric on this album.  He's a really cool guy and really talented musician.  The dude knows his stuff.  He plays at Elevation Church and also works at Bright City Studios with Joel Khouri.  He used a few different guitars.  He had a tele and a Gibson which seemed to be his main guitars.  We used a Vox AC30 and a Matchless amp.  The tone was pretty rad.  The Matchless Amp is sick.

After electrics we did vocals for a couple songs.  Again, add another reason to the many that I love working with Joel.  He really pushed me and brought the best out of me.

Today we worked on two of the cover songs Im doing.  Your Cross Has Saved Us by Elevation Worship and Awakening by Mark Mathis.

Oh yea, I woke up this morning and had an email from Ed Cash (Producer) just encouraging me in this recording process and reminding me to get lost in His presence as we sing and play on this record.  It was pretty cool of him to take the time to write me.  Thanks Jeff and Sara!!!


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