Studio Update - Winding Down


The week is winding down.  Its kind of a bummer.  I've really really enjoyed my time here in Charlotte and at Gat3 Studios.  The people have just been so incredible to work with and hang out with.  Im really just trying to take it all in.  We've finished up electric guitars and they sound so good.  Joel Willis really brought it.  I mean he was really just dialed in.  He's also a really cool guy and its been great working with him.  Joel Khouri is the best producer out there man.  He picked incredible musicians to play on this record and his vision for this album continues to amaze me.

The next two days consists of tidying up a few parts, and a heavy load of vocals.  So be in prayer for us.  Pray that the Lord would give us strength as we end the week.  That we'd have more energy these last two days than we had the first two days of the process a week or so ago.

Check out the video below.

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