Wrapping up the Process


We concluded the week of recording on Friday and I was able to make it home on Friday night.  We finished up vocals on every song except one.  We decided to sit on it for a while.  The music portion of the song turned out really well and the lyrics that I had once written for this song just did not really fit anymore.  And I was completely fine with that.  So, more than likely I'll head back down in a few weeks to record vocals on that song, and also do any overdubs that need to be done.

I've been asked if there is a favorite song on this album.  I cant really answer that right now.  I mean all of these songs turned out better than I could've ever imagined and the musicians who played on this album brought it everyday, Im still really just in awe of the entire process and how amazing that was.  Im sure that as I begin just thinking through the songs and when I begin listening to the mixes when they come in, I'll be able to think of a song that resonates with me more than the others.  But as of now, Im crazy excited about every song and cant wait for you guys to hear them.

If you're looking to do an album, I would say look no further than Bright City Studios and Joel Khouri and Joel Willis.  Amazing.  I cannot say enough good things about those guys and the entire Bright City crew.

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