New In Ear Monitors (Westone)


I've had custom in ears for the last several years.  I used to hate wearing the generic ones that would always fall out of my ears, and they definitely dont sound as good in my opinion, etc.  The ones I had werent super nice.  In fact, the driver busted in one of the ears and actually they began not fitting very snug in my ears.  Little did I know that your ears actually grow.  Weird.  So I've been wanting to get another pair of In ears and I decided recently to go ahead and make the appointment get molds made.

The process of getting these molds is pretty crazy.  They basically squirt this goo in both ears and wait until it hardens and a mold is formed.  The lady was not lying when she told me, "You wont be able to hear anything for a  while when these molds are in your ears."  Talk about a weird sensation.  Lord, thank you for the ability to hear...something I take for granted all the time.  Dang.  

I had narrowed the decision down to two companies who made In Ear Monitors.  Westone vs. Fidelity (My first pair of in ears were Fidelities).  I knew that Westone's were a little more pricey, but I also know the great reputation and "branding" that Westone has in the music industry.  Fidelity is also a good company, I believe.    

Here was the main factor in my decision......Twitter.  I posted a tweet about how I was faced with the decision, Westone VS. Fidelity.  Literally within an hour the folks at Westone (@westonemusic) were tweeting back and forth with me asking about what In Ears I was looking at getting.  This really impressed me.  Then, we switched over to DM (Direct Messages) and ended up going back and forth for a couple hours.  They literally were answering every question I had instantly.  Im a sucker for great customer service.  And literally that was the deciding factor for me.  I know that the product Im going to get in two weeks will be amazing too, I've heard incredible things about Westone and Im looking forward to using them when I lead worship every week.  

Thanks Westone!

Comments (2)

Ultimate Ears never came into play? Usually I hear Ultimate vs Westone... I currently use Westone 3's :-)

haha.. I thought about Ultimate Ears, but since I've had Fidelities before, I just thought it easier to narrow it down to two. Plus I have several worship leader friends who love Westones.

Yea the Westone 3's are pretty epic.