A Big Thank You!


Just wanted to say Thanks to everyone who came out to The Underground last night.  It really meant a lot to me that so many folks showed up.  We definitely had the biggest turnout of fans, and that didnt surprise me b/c I know you guys, and I know how much you love the Lord and support us.  I hope each of you had a great time.

I do want to also apologize to you guys.  I wasnt aware that we would be playing so late.  I honestly thought we'd be playing much earlier.  It was completely out of my control, I have nothing to do with setting the bands and all that.  I realize that a lot of you had to pay babysitters to watch your kids and get to other things.  While the opening bands were great, I do personally believe that there were too many bands playing last night.  I know for me personally I felt very rushed, knowing in the back of my head that some of you had been there for 3 hours already waiting for us to play.  I can assure you that if we ever play at The Underground again, this will not happen.  I will make sure of that.  So again, Im sorry about the long wait.

But, I also dont want that to take away from the night we had.  Its important for us to get this message out.  Its got to be something that we cant contain, we cant keep in.  Thats why I play at events like this and want to play at more events like this.  Because I DO believe we can see revival take place in this city.

Please stay tuned on this blog...we've got some cool things in the pipeline, including the release of the album that Im very excited about.  Also, if you're interested, Im playing a House Show in May.  I'll be playing all the songs on the album with just an acoustic guitar in a living room full of people.  It'll be a fun night!!

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