Top 10 Worship Books I've Read


In no particular order, and I want to hear from you (see below).  These are just some of the worship books I've personally read that I've really enjoyed.

1.  Worship Matters - Bob Kauflin

2.  Desiring God - John Piper

3.  When Heaven Invades Earth - Bill Johnson 

4.  Sound of Heaven, Symphony of Earth - Ray Hughes

5.  Worship:  The Pattern of Things in Heaven - Joseph Garlington

6.  The Air I Breathe - Louie Giglio

7.  Systematic Theology (Whole book is great, but Worship Chapter is Excellent) - Wayne Grudem

8.  The Book of Psalms (as well as the entire Bible)

9.  To Know You More - Andy Park

10.  __________________________________________

I left number 10 blank because I want to hear from you.  What books dealing with worship have ministered to you?

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Heart of the Artist - Rory Noland