What I've Been Up To & Album Update


Sorry I havent really blogged a lot.  Although Im not sure anyone ever reads this anymore haha.  Last week I got asked to lead worship at a beach camp for West Lonsdale Baptist out of Knoxville, TN in Panama City Beach.  I used to play at these types of camps quite a bit, however, with the move to Ohio I shifted to really focusing on investing my time and energy into our local community and local body at Rivers Crossing.  It was great to do a camp again and Lord willing I'll be able to do a good bit more of these types of things in the coming years while continuing to invest in my local church of course.

The camp itself was great and the Lord really stirred in the hearts of the students.  Its always special to see students go for it in worship, as well as respond to the message.  I really liked how this group brought their middle school, high school, and college students to this camp.  It brought a really cool dynamic.  I hope to see this group again in the near future.

Album Update:
I am excited to announce that on Sunday, Oct. 16 we will have a Night of Worship/CD Release Concert at Rivers Crossing Community Church.  We will pack out the high school with everyone from our city we can bring.

Then it will be released on Itunes on Tuesday, Oct. 18

In the month of August we will be putting out a video talking about the album as well as giving you some sneak previews to the other songs on the album.

Begin spreading the word and marking your calendars, especially if you're in the Cincinnati area for Oct. 16th!!!!!

And if you want to get the EP, you can do so on Itunes here and if you're interested in getting a T-shirt along with the EP, check that out here

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